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Survival Horror для Русских Пацанов!!!

Intriguing thus far, despite being very short. Effectively built tension in the corridor. 


Thank you for the feedback! This is more of a graphics and atmosphere demonstration of the game than anything else, but a full game is in development and the next update will be early October! A longer demo should also be released just in time for Halloween.

Fantastic use of lighting and softbodies and general athmosphere!

I'd love to know if you're going to implement some graphics options (how does one do that in BGE python?) like resolution.

Thank you so much for appreciating that! It was difficult getting the features to work in unision, as blender is known to lack major performance capabilities.

And there are no plans to have customizable graphics options as of yet, still learning how to implement those and its a mess lol. But the following updates will include 2 separate executables that will run in different resolutions, one low and one high. Thanks for inquiring!

Hey man I wanted to check out your demo but there seems to be a problem with the game and blender. I keep getting a "Blender has stopped working" error every time I try and launch the game.

Deleted 6 years ago

Download the fixed copy!